Corporate Strategy

Incremental Oil and Gas (IOG) is building a substantial oil and gas production and exploration business, based in the USA. Its growth objectives will be achieved by:

  • Increasing oil and gas reserves
  • Expanding production
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Improving profitability
  • Growing value

The growth strategy is being realized through:

  • Acquisition and enhancement of long lived producing oil and gas assets with development potential;
  • Optimization and exploitation of oil and gas fields through infill drilling, workovers and the use of modern development technologies and systems;
  • Disciplined cost control and strategic capital investment to maximize efficiency and profitability with a focus on generating strong cash flows to reinvest and pay down capital; and
  • Replication of the above.

Value will be enhanced by the discovery of new reserves, identified through cost effective, low risk exploration initiatives in newly acquired fields or through farmin arrangements with strategic partners.

Management has extensive technical and operational experience and is well credentialed to implement the development and growth of oil and gas projects.

A mix of oil and gas production asset will provide a balance of commodity exposure.

IOG is currently the operator of all of the existing projects and it maintains a 100% working interest (WI) in these assets. IOG will continue to operate and control the development of its assets, allowing leverage of the technical, operating, and management skills within the business. Future opportunities will be considered where there is a smaller WI available in a project if the potential returns are high enough and the working interest partners are considered to be strategically aligned with IOG.

Success for IOG means delivering superior returns to our shareholders. Strong field economics, growth in reserves and a strong return on capital invested are the Company’s key objectives. Investment in earnings accretive projects with strong cost control discipline has contributed to successive positive EBITDA results for the company over its years of operation.